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My name is: Yonni Muhazir. I was born on 17 november 1967. I am an electrical technician and electronics. My residence in Laksda Adi Sucipto street 8 / 7, Malang City, Indonesia. Actualy of me is a machine technician of injection moulding in town of Pandaan. Although, every day I am occupied worker of factory, I still use opportunity intentionally my self in the field of electronicses repair come home activity. At the spare time I fond of perceive life of social, human, profession and ethics. I also like to write, therefore fill my web this not exclusive comment concerning electronics profession but also everyday human problem. Useful hopefully for all of us as the infinite mankinds resident of earth.


Best regards.

Hereunder following concerning my person data’s.

Name : Yonni Muhazir.

Place of birth : Malang, november 17th, 1967.

Nationality : Indonesia

Religion : Islam.

Ocupation : factory employees.

Marriage status : married, 1 child.

Address : La Sucipto Avenue 8 th / 7 Malang, Indonesia

Favorite food : Japanese Food.

Favorite music : Slow Rock.

Hoby : Writing, painting, hear music and recreation.

I take a fancy to electronics since in class 6 of elementary school precisely in the year 1979. I still remember at that time came home from school awarded by my father: Soerhasono is a music box made by Uncle Solikin. He is fathers office friend which fond in electronics practice. Next day, my father angry over because that music box early destroyed. I did because very want to know that contents what is made ? I start to learn through television broadcast hosted by kak Iwan. I very compliment to both men because introducing me in the world of electronics later.

This journey of my career electronics did not smoothly but throughly many barricades. The early barricade from my father prohibition in order to me which wish I become a civil technique master. And then my father sugestion me to school in civil technique high school. although finished school, I remain to diligent read electronics sumary and practice up till now.

My life journey bring me work to a governmental institution of sub-province in pasuruan city until 1990. I did’nt successful work as administrative personnel because my mind also concentration at my electronics world. Finally chance bring me at the job in experience shoe factory as ministrant of power utility maintenance. From here my electrics knowledge increase by many factory friend friend aid blessings know I have talent and enthusiasm in this area. For some years elapse I get promotion and moved to a plastic factories in pandaan town. And at the same time my father have retired and I was started handling of economic family. My father goes pride and confess my spirit in reaching for goal become electronics technician.

My father gone in 1996, so I marry with girl called: Eni Zuliati that give me a child was name : Afif Qomarul Ghulam. By my beloved wife always given to suggestion to be continuing school to a higher level again. I complain these problem because ussualy is very expensive and my age also old progressively, but she is remain to give to me the high spirit to stare at to go forward if willing successfuly and reaching for many opportunity.

That my wife challenge finally I experience although heavily and then step into college of Malang town (Uwiga Univ.). Although now in level final semester I’m sure all that me experience of this in future surely will good for my family, my environment and my goal to become electronics master.

Pray me please. OK ?…………………….

2 Responses to “About”

  1. mygreensalon said

    bagaimana kalau didepan mesin mas yonni foto sama bosnya,pasti keren tuh.

  2. risma2006 said

    Good Blog! May be you’ll interest to read this article http://risma2006.wordpress.com/2008/10/09/dapatkan-penghasilan-cuma-cuma-dari-google/

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