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Method of servicing electronic equipment.

Method of servicing electronic equipment.

By : Yonni Muhazir.

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In the first time if us on servicing electronic goods we think intricate network and make confusedly head. First step is bring damage goods to expert serviceman and buy his services. That is fair…..because improve of repairing electronic goods do not easy as which predicted most societies. Need an education and some practice have to many years to be able handle damage of electronic equipments. Experience of my self was a hard learn electronic skill from kiddy till now. To do that, I invite to all beginners which interest in the field of services electronic with me. I have finished my half age self-study and through by valuable experience. finally blessing by my school in result combination college and experience during many years I have succeeded of giving competent my family life blessing by that skilled.

Commonly…..Opening content of electronic box, initially it is true confuse have to, isn’t it? First question where we have to do start from this?. The visible is intricate of small cable and many path make confuse. Initially me, also that way too. Don’t be doleful, passing a little base lesson of electronics knowledge now will be reveal.

Early mind is feeling vexed, why this equipments can work ?. That just have enough ?. Both second step is human sense of base and enquire in itself : there is a way or systems taking care of this equipments so that like having soul. In this case I think back to nature that if ” something that take care of …” that out of sevice, so…. hence like a missing soul. Then…such as you think, hence the equipments will be “ die.

The “ Death ” of the electronics equipments caused by in-existence of electric current rationing to it. If human being have soul, hence the soul of electronics equipments is the electrics current – existence of it. Commonly trouble electrics current existence sometime indirectly “off” or lose but sometime there is can be chocked. This last situation so-called as “ sick ” cranky pain. This trouble happened caused by direct linking “short circuit” or “ intermitten ” connecting. Sometime also happened caused by component is out of age. Continuous and long-range exceed operation also can destroy this equipments. Also encumbering more exceed capacities causing over heating. The unstableness electricity from the stop contack also cause damage too. Most more because by follow consumer shares of carelessness conducted in this case.

Return to the ” soul ” was mentioned it, so… electrics current have stabilize passing without any disturbance!. Just a little trouble goes there, hence will happened like handicap performance at here!

Kinds of that trouble is :

  • If that trouble at visual, looked into eye was bad picture, trouble example at TV equipment.

  • If that trouble at voice, hence will be heard by hearting voice of our ear, follow the example at sound equipments.

  • If that trouble at digital equipments kinds of numerator machine or computer, hence will be happened chaos arrangement of data and even will be “ hang “ !.

Then…. what method we must do in investigating above electrics current?. We have to assume that electrics current is the same precisely as water current character. Analogy electrics current measure is equal with flow of water where if current in a pipe stuff up hence happened stop current. Equipments to test and analyse electric current is :

  • Avometre. This appliance good for analyzing an electronics existence of voltage, electrics current and resistance. This appliance have to always attend in a technician workbench and is standart technician equipments.

  • Osciloscope. This equipments is a standard laboratory but do not always have to attend in beginner technician workbench.

In real factual of me, I am just only requiring an Avometre, a tool set which compose from : some screwdriver, some kinds of forcepses, good quality soldering iron and that have last for search my earning life… ha..ha…ha…really..!!. and in experience day of my day I look for correct payment of me just rely on that simple equipments, but have succeeded all sort damage of electronics equipments. The secret is to treat electrics current as a real friend. Another secret again is to assuming electronics equipments as divided into some black box and in the handling of that was repair improve in per black box shares. This is important before you correct plunge into world business service of repairing electronic : ad for you have to honesty, at second, having to tough when remembering this world is struggle with a state :” something wrong and have to correct “. Don’t be to easy fulminate, and don’t be easy to stress..!!!!….

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Mailto: yonni_1967@yahoo.co.id or yonni.muhazir@gmail.com

This is Invite to…..: All Malang town Hobbyiest electronics community ( Almahobel ). Hello..? Are you there ? Let us keep community forming such as have there be.. is….

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