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following that enclose some menus tv service local Indonesia and all the world which have succeeded I collect from some explorations website. Though at some television types there is incompatible but still can be defended by the reliability at some tv’s. Some years I have this information has given to my kolega and succeed to produce goodly earn.

Please you direct and click of these link which I give to be more for the detail. I sure once this is very valuable information for your dabbling in the world of service and repair. Please submit this information to our humanity profession friends and don’t play to keep by it self as stingy technician.

Hopefully succeed present day become to reliable technician and period to come. best regards.

Yonni Muhazir.

And following data which I intend :


Entering Service Menu

  • Power up your set.

  • Press MUTE three times on the remote, then press MUTE again and hold. While holding the MUTE button, go to your set and press the MENU button on TV front panel. Release both buttons.

    An “S” should appear near the bottom right of the tv screen. Press MENU again on your TV. You are now in Service Mode.

    Note: For older sets (X81 and before), you need to press MUTE twice, then MUTE again and hold, then press th

    Entering Designer Menu

  • Follow steps in entering Service Menu

  • While in Service Mode, press the RECALL button the remote and hold. While holding the RECALL button, press the MENU button on the TV set front panel. A “D” should now appear on the screen.

    However, before you can actually DO anything, you have to hit the RECALL button on the TV’s front panel a SECOND time, to send the D on the upper right side to becoming the 40H RCUT on the upper left side, and all commands up or down on the channel control of the remocon, from there.

    If you don’t hit the unit’s front panel RECALL button a second time, you won’t get anywhere.

In either Service or Designer mode, you can scroll through the TV settings by pressing channel UP/DOWN on your remote. You can change any of the setting by using the Volume UP/DOWN on the remote.

Note: Access to Designer Menu on newer sets (H80 models and on) have been locked by Toshiba. There is a roundabout way to get in. But there are still a lot of unknowns about it, so this is not recommended.

Exiting Service or Designer Menu

  • Turn off the power

For further information please click : http://www.keohi.com/


Turn Melody off in the user menu this allows entering the Service Menu from “power on” state without using an additional lamp cycle.

With the set ON, press Power-Mute-1-8-2-Power in quick succession.
If the set is already off,
press Mute-1-8-2-Power.

The service menu will appear for the input you were viewing before keying the above sequence in a minute or less.

Use the CH up the CH down and the select keys to navigate the Service Menu. Press MENU to return to the main Service Menu after viewing individual functions.

Later, you will use the VOL(+) and VOL(-) keys to change the Service Menu values.

For further information please check http://forum.ecoustics.com

For further complete information please click below

insert doc. File atachment.


  • e MENU button on the TV front panel.

Method of diode lasers repair and service

PRECAUTION OF LASER DIODE ( optical pick up LED as CD,VCD or DVD )


This unit utilizes a class I laser. Invisible laser radiation is emitted from the optical pickup lens when the unit is turned on:

1. Do not look directly into the pickup lens.

2. Do not use optical instruments to look at the pickup lens.

3. Do not adjust the preset variable resistor on the optical pickup.

4. Do not disassemble the optical pickup unit.

5. If the optical pickup is replaced, use the manufactures specified replacement pickup only.

6. Use of control or adjustment or performance of procedures other than those specified herin may result in hazardous radiation exposure.


The laser diode in the optical pickup may break down due to potential difference caused by static electricity of clothes or human body. So be careful of electrostatic break down during repair of the optical pickup.

Handling of optical pickup

1. Do not subject the optical pickup to static electricity as it is extremely sensitive to electrical shock.

2. To prevent the breakdown of the laser diode, an antistatic shorting pin is inserted into the flexible board (FPC Board). When removing or connecting the short pin, finish the job in as short times as possible.

3. Be careful not to apply excessive stress to the flexible board (FPC Board).

4. Do not turn the variable resistor (Laser power adjustment).

Grounding for electrostatic breakdown prevention

1. Human body grounding Use the antistatic wrist strap to discharge the static electricity from your body.

2. Work table grounding Put a conductive material (sheet) or steel sheet on the area where the optical pickup is placed and ground the sheet.


The static electricity of your clothes will not be grounded through the wrist strap. So take care not to let your clothes touch the optical pickup.

Optical Pickup Self-Diagnosis and Replacement Procedure

The optical pickup self-diagnosis function and tilt adjustment check function have been newly added to this player. When repairing, use the following procedure for effective Self-diagnosis and tilt adjustment. Be sure to use the self-diagnosis function before replacing the optical pickup when “NO DISC” is displayed. As a guideline, you should replace the optical pickup when the value of the laser drive current is more than 55.

Storing and Handling Test Discs

Surface precision is vital for DVD test discs. Be sure to store and handle them carefully.

1. Do not place discs directly onto the workbench, etc., after use.

2. Handle discs carefully in order to maintain their flatness. Place them into their case after use and store them vertically. Store discs in a cool place where they are not exposed to direct sunlight or air from air conditioners.

3. Accurate adjustment will not be possible if the disc is warped from being placed on a surface made of glass, etc. If this happens, use a new test disc to make optical adjustments.

4. If adjustment is done using a warped disc, the adjustment will be incorrect and some discs will not be playable.

Initializing the DVD Player

Initialize the DVD player whenever you replace a microprocessor, microprocessor peripheral parts, module P.C.B. or mother P.C.B.


The customer settings will return to factory preset settings when the player is initialized. Make a note of the settings and reset them after initializing. When resetting, see the Initial Settings in the Operating Instructions. ( depending on brand..!! )

Handling After Completing Repairs

Use the following procedure to secure the traverse unit in the standby position.


Confirm that the power is turned on:

1. Press the “OPEN/CLOSE” button to close the tray.

2. Press the “POWER” button to turn off the power.

3. Disconnect the power plug from the outlet.

Do not disconnect the power plug from the outlet with the tray still open, then close the tray manually. If you were to do so, the traverse unit would not go to the upper (standby) position, and the player could not be transported.

Assembling and Disassembling the Optical Pickup (Mechanical Parts)

The optical pickup can be damaged by static electricity from your body. Be sure to take static electricity countermeasures when working around the optical pickup.

1. The optical pickup is an extremely high-precision mechanism. Do not subject it to strong impact.

2. To preserve the quality of the optical pickup replacement parts during transport and installation, the terminals of the laser diode are short-circuited. After replacing the parts, use the proper procedure to return the laser diode to its original condition.

3. Testers cannot be used to check the laser diode of the optical pickup. The power supply inside the tester can easily damage the laser diode.

4. Take care when handling the flexible cable because excessive force can cause it to break.

5. You cannot adjust the semifixed resistor for laser power adjustment. Do not turn it..!!!….

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